Directors: Jean Ryall, Sharon Wolstenholme, Phyllis Veitch

NOTE: No cross entries please. No plants in hanging pots. All materials must be live unless otherwise stated. No noxious weeds. Plants must be personally owned for at least six months. Entries to be delivered between 12:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Prize Money: 1st – $4.00     2nd – $3.00     3rd – $2.00

520 Begonia in bloom, fibrous rooted
521 Begonia in bloom, tuberous
522 Fern, any variety
523 Fuschia in bloom
524 African violet, single, in bloom
525 African violet, double, in bloom
526 2 house plants, one flowering and one foliage (named)
527 Any other house plant grown for bloom
528 Foliage, any variety (no coleus, name)
529 Coleus
530 Geranium in bloom
531 Cactus or succulent, any variety
532 Cactus, 3 varieties


For the Best Potted Plant – $15.00 gift certificate